Khon Kaen Upgrades Local Restaurants With “Thai SELECT” Symbol


 To realize the government’s goal of promoting Thai food to the world, the Ministry of Commerce has launched a campaign to improve standards and promote awareness and acceptance of Thai food flavours with Thai SELECT symbol, given to certified Thai restaurants in Thailand and abroad. Local restaurants in Khon Kaen have received the Thai SELECT certification guaranteeing authentic Thai deliciousness.


Zab Nua Krua Isan restaurant, located on Mittraphap road, Muang district, Khon Kaen province, is one of the local restaurants awarded with Thai SELECT UNIQUE certification granted to Thai restaurants serving unique local delicacies.


The restaurant owner, Wanpen Kasemsan Na Ayutthaya, said the restaurant has been serving dishes made from original and authentic recipes for some 10 years, welcoming Thai and foreign customers. The restaurant’s popular dishes include Khao Suan Kwang grilled chicken, fried “Pla Som” fermented fish, fried sausages and vegetable soup with ant eggs.


The Thai SELECT symbol and brand was created by the Ministry of Commerce, initially for Thai restaurants in foreign countries passing certification criteria, to promote the awareness and acceptance of Thai food for 20 years, helping boosting the Thai economy through Thai food consumption.


The ministry has introduced Thai SELECT UNIQUE certification for local restaurants serving dishes cooked from authentic recipes, using real Thai ingredients and seasonings, and decorating the restaurant to showcase the Thai aesthetics. Three restaurants in Khon Kaen have received the Thai SELECT UNIQUE symbol, namely Zab Nua Krua Isan, Kai Yang Rot Wiset, and Supanniga restaurants.


(Source: – NNB of Thailand)

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