Khon Kaen Zoo Welcomes Three New Members



Let’s take a brake from serious legal cases to witness the adorable three new members of Khon Kaen Zoo which were born from the zoo’s successful reproductive efforts.


The first latest addition of Khon Kaen Zoo is a baby gemsbok or oryx, which is a mammal in the same family as deer recognized from their curved, long, and narrow horns. The face and body have black stripes with white or light colored furs. This baby gemsbox is the sixth generation of gemsbox living in Khon Kaen Zoo, which is home to the most Oryxes in the country.


The second latest member is an Asian black bear cub which is the result of the first successful reproductive effort in Khon Kaen Zoo, and the first among zoos in Thailand. Two Asian black bear cubs were born, one male and one female, and named Plai Fon and Ton Nao. They are both in healthy conditions. Khon Kaen Zoo now has 10 Asian black bears.


The last new member of the zoo are 7 baby sulcata tortoises hatched from eggs laid by their mother which has been transferred from Dusit Zoo in Bangkok to Khon Kaen Zoo earlier. Sulcata tortisoes are the third largest land tortoise in the world, following galapagos tortoise and aldabra tortoise. A full grown sulcata tortoise can have up to 36 inches length and no less than 100 kilograms weight. A female sulcata tortoise can lay eggs 4-5 times a year, with 20-30 eggs laid in each batch. The eggs take approximately 90 days to hatch.

(Source: – NNT of Thailand)

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