New Financial Regulations For Retirees: Nearly A Third Of Expats May Have To Leave – But Half On Facebook Say They’re Off!

Two Thaivisa straw polls – one on the forum and one on Facebook – have indicated that many expats will be calling it quits in Thailand.

But while nearly half of those on Facebook said they would be leaving nearly 70% on the forum expected to ride out the storm.

The polls were undertaken in the wake of new regulations issued by Thai immigration retiring retirees to lodge money for several months in a Thai bank account.

On the forum people were asked the question: Will the new financial requirements force you to leave?

7.9% said Yes

22.72% said it would seriously jeopardize their stay

69.38% said they would not have to leave.

This meant that nearly a third were in the category of leaving for sure or at least being in jeopardy.

On Facebook a similar question was more clear cut.

Asked if the tough new financial requirements for retirement extensions (visas) would force people to leave:

49% said Yes

51% said No.

On the forum 461 people responded to the survey. On Facebook there were 968 respondents.

(Source: – Thai Visa)

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