Toyota Car Dealership Khon Kaen

I have a Toyota Vios  bought from one of the 5 Toyota  dealerships in Khon Kaen. The actual dealership where I bought it from, is located on Highway 2 as you approach Khon Kaen from the south, before Dino Water Park, Makro and Tesco Lotus.

This isn’t a plug to buy Toyota cars but more my experience of dealing with them. I wanted to trade in my pick-up for a smaller, family car. A friend recommended one of the managers he’d dealt with, so off I went to talk to him. He was polite, professional and not pushy. Rare for a car salesman. His English wasn`t brilliant but he made the effort and we understood each other. I settled on a shiny red Toyota Vios and he arranged the finance. Also located in Khon Kaen on Highway 2 near Tesco Lotus.

I can only speak about my experiences at this particular dealership in Khon Kaen. Purchasing the car went very smoothly. Including all the necessary paperwork. Which to complete the manager came all the way out to our remote village, after hours for me to sign.Service above and beyond really.

I`ve since been back for regular service checks and monthly finance payments. Its better to book a time for your service rather than just turn up out the blue. They have a comfortable reception area where you can wait, with free drinks and snacks. You can also look through the window as they`re servicing your car.

What I find a delight and hence this short article is the service I get there. For me, no matter who I`m dealing with or for what reason I’m there, the staff are all professional, friendly and helpful. Even when little English is spoken, someone will make the effort. Toyota maybe in Khon Kaen but it is of course a Japanese owned company. I don`t know how much the Japanese influence has on how the dealership is run or if its just the goof folk of Khon Kaen. But whatever it is, this dealership in Khon Kaen is run efficiently and customer focused.

My compliments go to the owner of this dealership and thanks to all his staff.




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