Two American Women Arrested After Attempting To Change Counterfeit Dollars

Americans arrested.

Two American women have been arrested and are being held in Thailand after allegedly trying to exchange fake US dollars.

Misty Eichholz and Danniel Paquette, both from California, arrived in Thailand on 16th February for a one month holiday.

They were arrested one week into their trip.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by friends and family of the two women.

Few details regarding the arrest of the women have been reported.

However, it appears that the women found some US currency in the street in Chiang Mai and attempted to exchange it, which is when they were arrested.

“They came across U.S. currency in the street and believed it to be pure luck,” the post states.

“Luck turned to terror, however, when attempting to exchange the currency, they were counterfeit.”

The GoFundMe page hopes to raise $50,000 for an attorney.

“To anyone who has met these two beautiful girls you know what kind of people they are. Each of them embody light,” reads the the Gofund me page.

“They are the most sweet, kindhearted and soulful individuals that I have ever met.”

The two women are now believed to have been released from a women’s jail in Chiang Mai after posting bail.

However, after having their passports confiscated by police they are staying in a local hostel until their case goes to trial next month.

According to the post the pair face up to 12 years in jail if found guilty.

(Source:-ThaiVisa News)

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